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...e her.Good morning, He said cheerfully, soups almost ready, dont worry I made enough for everyone.He turned back to the pot and used a spoon to taste the soup; he made an approving nod and stirred it a bit more. Kimiko, not sure how to react to having a demon in their kitchen making soup, held up the Star Hanabi, ready for anything.You know I havent poisoned the soup and last time I checked a soup spoon isnt a weapon, Rai said calmly, so if you dont mind, could you please stop pointing the Star Hanabi at my head?Kimiko looked at him suspiciously.Alright, she said as she pocketed the Star, just dont try anything.Wouldnt dream of it, would you mind setting the table though?Kimiko raised an eyebrow but did as she was asked, best to play along with it for now until she finds out what he wants. She set the table for four, having made a mental note to include places for Clay and Omi. When that was done she saw Rai carrying the pot over to the table. She sat down at her usual place and Rai sat across from her. He took Kimikos bowl and poured soup into it. He then poured soup into his bowl. She look at the soup uncertainly, was it safe or had he lied about poisoning it? Seemingly answering her question, Rai lifted his bowl to his lips and drank it. Not wanting to seem rude, Kimiko followed suit and was ...
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