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.... Well what is it? Tell me!If the recipient, being you, becomes bound to a person of this world, then the transformation will become irreversible.So what do I have to do?I have come up with a solution. If me and you were to betroth, then the change will become permanent.So, all I have to do is marry you, and I can stay in this body? hope rising in his voice.Precisely.I would be honored, master. she said with a bow. He returned the bow and gazed over her. An idea struck his mind. He grinned at his new devious plan.However, before we do that, I have one task for you, my apprentice.And what might that task be? she asked raising a curious eyebrow.He smiled, showing a row of sharp white teeth. You are going to kill the dragon of the wind.*********************************************************************************No one had seen Raimundo much for the past week. He had spent most of his time either in the scroll room or in the forest. No one ever knew what he was doing in the forest. He would wake up earlier than anyone else and spend hours in the scroll room reading scroll upon scroll. Then once everyone woke up, he would run to the forest and not come back until late night. He wouldn't talk to anyone and he never ate with the group. The elderly mon...
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