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...id?- Foxfire222.Dojo: Hmm.. OK, I've forgotten how old I am, and yes I was around when Dashi was small. He was a really good kid but he once trapped me for 3 days cause he didn't know what I was!Yoko: How sad.Dojo: You bet it was!Chase: Katnappe: Why cats? Why not something else?- Firefox222.Katnappe: Because cats are purrrfect and the cutest things EVER!Yoko: ..Whatev. I don't like cats. Everyone: What animal would you most like as a pet?- Firefox222.Omi: A turtle!Rai: Dog.Kimiko: Bunny!Clay: A hog.Katnappe: KITTY!Chase: Lizard.Wuya: ...I don't like animals.Dojo: Lizard.Jack: Hmm... a lizard!Chase: Your just saying that because I said that!Jack: So..?Chase: Copycat.Yoko: Whoa, we have more questions! Chase: I always see the Chack pairing everywhere but your not gay..ARE YOU?? O.O -GLiStChase: O.O NO I AM NOT!!Wuya: Phew.Chase: SHUT UP YOU!Omi: Katnappe: Why did you turn evil?- GLiStKatnappe: Oh, it was just something to do.Yoko: BORING!!Jack: your the best person ever! Why don't you use the wu to make your Jackbots better?- gLiStJack: Why thank you! Don't you think I've tried that? Any wu I get is taken from me before I can improve my Jackbots!Chase: Except the super pointless Monkey Staff.Rai: ..Which we all agreed you could have because it's so pointless to the plot.Jack: Well, what about the Mantis Flip Coin?Rai: We need that.Jack: No you don't it doesn't have a point!Rai: Well we need it.Yoko: Moving on...Dojo: Kimiko...
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