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... Chief Torei in trouble. A massive ogre had him pinned to the ground and was about to crush him under his fists. Gumlittle jumped to his feet and ran to the ballista. He mustered all his remaining strength as he rolled the ballista to the edge of the hill. He climbed aboard as it started to roll down the hill and took aim on the ogre. Fetch the stick he shouted as he rode the ballista. The ogre looked up and Gumlittle fired the ballista. The log hit the ogre square in the chest knocking him across the battle field. Gumlittle jumped off as the ballista continued it path another group of humans. The humans screamed and tried to outrun the machine but it was no use, several men screamed as it plowed right into the front lines and carried most of them off into the darkness. Gumlittle made his way back but as he reached Torei but discovered he was too late. The Ogre had snapped his neck and broken many bones leaving only a shell of the tribal leader.Plucki squared off with Olaf as men started to run between them when they both spied the ballista that was heading right for them. Plucki used his last bounce to jump out of the way as his juice wore off but Olaf wasnt as fortunate and took the full brunt of the machine as it ran him over, carrying him off into the trees.Plucki sheathed his sword and looked around at the carnage then spied Gumlittle carrying the body of Torei in his paws.His injuries were too much, he has fallen in battle. We cant...
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