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...tside when randomly a horde appeared. They'd held them off for awhile, but then a Tank showed up, and the behemoth managed to cut her off from the others by inadvertintly blokcking off the entrance to the alleyway she'd ducked into. For a hours she'd tried find a way to the others, trying to follow the sounds of gunfire and signs indicating nearby safe rooms, all while trying to save her ammo and avoid any and all infected prowling the streets. As the sun set in the distance and visibility started to decrease, she realized she needed to find a saferoom quickly or she'd likely get slaughtered overnight. Moving along, she saw a sign on a building down the block that pointed down a alleyway. She could make out the iconic safe-room symbol, and her hopes shot up. Eager to find some safety and maybe her friends, Zoey strood down the street, her pistol at the ready for any dangers. As she moved down the street. She cautiously looked around, and could faintly hear something move and could've swore she saw something moving down the street. As she walked down the road, she was about half a block when she almost ran into a witch, quietly crying next to a crashed car. Zoey held her breath and quickly backed away from the Witch, startled and desperate to not get herself killed. she backed up and kept her eyes on the infected, she heard something move and...
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