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... God, Ferb, why!!! he gurgled, trying to pull away. DOH..!! Ugh!!!! Stop it! Stop-stop it!!!! Ugh!! OHHHH!!! Stop-! Burns us, BURNS US!!!! Oh! Ugh!!Ferb finally stopped, and the gum was washed off. Phineas popped his lips and spat out the water. Thanks, FerbSo, like I was saying, Buford, next time, Ill be winning.HA-HA!! laughed Buford, walking over to Phineas with a dirty gym shirt. You think you can beat me up, Dinner Bell?!No, I, uh, I learned my lesson when we were 9 and you sprained my thumb in that ring, Phineas replied showing him his thumb which still had a red mark on it. Nah, Im talking about a one-on-one gameof basketball.The boys in the locker room froze, dropping whatever they were holding and gasped. Everybody knew that when it came to any sport, Buford was the king, and especially at basketball. While, Phineas, had not made the basketball team since 5th grade.Phineas smirked. So? Whaddya say? Buford just stared at him and spoke only two words:Youre on.Phineas smiled a crooked smile. Excellent, my fine-buzcutted rival. But, we should make it quick. I have things to do.Ditto, Dinner Bell; ditto.The Court, LunchPhineas was ready. Buford may have had beaten him since he was a kid, but this was different. He was through with it.He looked at Buford, who was grinning evilly, hands crossed and looking...
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