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... have indeed." Gia replied, "I wish to be the sultan of this land; completely and totally its ruler.""Then let it be so done!" the genie replied, clapping his hands together once...Minerva couldn't help but feel that her home city looked a little different than it had before, though she couldn't quite place it. As her carpet friend deposited her in front of the palace where, she knew, Gia would be, she thanked it for its help with a warm embrace, and it went limp, becoming an ordinary carpet for the next several days.Minerva stepped forth to the front gates, giving each of the guards a sharp wink that "encouraged" them to open the gates for her, and then Minerva did the same to the inner gate guards, and the guard captain, successfully gaining entry into the inner chambers of the castle, and soon, the throne room. There, sure enough, sat Gia on the throne that had once belonged to the queen, and by his side, servants approached him with edicts requiring his authority or problems that could only be solved by one of his great wisdom. When Minerva entered the chamber, however, Gia froze. She'd come back. He didn't know how, but Minerva had come back from the dead, and she was there for her revenge! Gia trembled; half from fear and half from attraction as Minerva drew closer and the servants started to back away from her, leaving Gia alone to face her."G-gen-geneeeeek!" Gia exclaimed, unable to even make a simple wish."No. Minerva." Minerva replied,...
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