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A Sample part of Maka Albarn Story: you were dead! What happened to you?" Medusa laughed, "I'll never die. I switched bodies. Now, I would like you to surrender. All men are valnerable. All women are fucking the men. You are alone and weak. Give up." Lord Death just looked at Medusa. "I must say, my boy has grown a lot." Medusa turned around and saw Kid naked with giant muscles and a 7 foot dick. His dick was 8 inches thick. "Haha! What do you plan to do?" Kid ran to Medusa and undressed her. "I'm going to fuck you." MEdusa's eyes widened. She didn't want to expieriance the same problem as before. The problem with fucking a reaper was the same as fucking Crona. Kid fucked her pussy which was tighter than it had ever been. With every hump, Medusa grew bigger and stronger. Her magic got stronger as Kid got stronger and bigger. With the increase of magic, every boy grew two feet bigger, a few inches thicker, their balls a little huger and their muscles more tight and stronger. Kid continued to fuck Medusa as she grew and he grew. "Oh! I'm gonna cum!" Kid screamed. Kid came inside Medusa's womb as she slowly felt death upon her. "Oh...more!" Soul fucked Maka continuesly. Soul was 10 feet long, one foot thick and massive. Black star was 12 feet long. Kid was 9 feet, Joe was 10 feet long. Crona was 8 feet long. Spirit was now 8 feet long. Stein was 14 feet long, and was now helping Spirit fuck Marie. Medusa looke...
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