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...r request. His thumb reaches out to rub her clit, and she practically wails with pleasure, sure she's about to come completely undone at any minute. "I.. I need you inside of me," she manages to pant. "All of you, Mako." He stills above her, heated gaze locking onto hers. "You're sure about this, Korra? You won't regret it in the morning?" "I'm sure," she whispers. He nods, adjusting himself above her, and then she feels him at her entrance. "Last chance," he says, studying her expression. She tilts her hips upwards and wraps her legs around him, smiling at him. With one sharp, fluid thrust, he's fully inside of her – Korra can't help but cry out slightly from the jolt of pain that accompanies his entrance, but the look of ecstasy on his face makes it worth it. The feeling of being filled, stretched, is unknown to her, but not entirely unpleasant. Mako trembles slightly above her, eyes closed, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Slowly, he opens his eyes, worry etched in his features. "Did I hurt you?" he asks, caressing her face. She leans into his touch. "It'll pass," she says. And it does – a few seconds later and everything feels decidedly less unpleasant to her. She's no expert at these kind of things, but she's sure the effort Mako's making to hold still has to be immense. "You can move now," she says, and he does, slowly at first, pace quickening as he thrusts in and out of her. She whimpers, clutching ...
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