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... So that explains my laptop that suddenly broke last week!Roger: Oh, it was a crappy laptop anyway.Hayley: Oh, God! Theres that strange feeling again!(TV goes off.)Hayley & Roger: (screaming) No!!Hayley: God. I hope that all this will be over soon.(Francine is making casserole in the kitchen. Stan walks in.)Stan: Honey, Im home!Francine: So Does she make out better than me?Stan: Beg your pardon?Francine: I saw you and Amanda today! You escaped from work just to be with that whore!Stan: What are you talkin about, honey?Francine: Dont play innocent with me, Stan Smith! You were in the restaurant with that woman!Stan: All right, I admit it, I was. But it was a half-day at work, and we just had lunch together! Come on, honey, you must believe me. I would never cheat on you, and you know it. Besides, she has a husband, too.Francine: Well OK. I think I believe you. (hugs him)(Next day. Francine is calling Linda Memari on the phone.)Linda: Hello?Francine: Hi, Linda. Its Francine.Linda: Hi, Francine. How are you?Francine: To be honest with you, Linda, not so good. See, Stan is maybe kind of cheating on me.Linda: Thats awful!Francine: I know. So I wanted to ask you Can you come to my house? I need your help.Linda: (excited) Sure! Let me just put some nice clothes on.Francine: See you soon. (hangs up)(A few minutes later, Linda is ringing a bell on the Smith house wearing some sexy clothes. Francine opens.)Francine: Im glad you came so quickl...
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