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...ello everyone! Zeosphere, here! This is my first story/one shot ever done, but I hope you all enjoy it. This is a story about disaster and misfortune. So sit back and enjoy the ride!Disclaimer: I don't own Family Guy...or anything else important.When the Fire Goes Out-At the Griffins Home-Louis: Is everybody ready!Chris: Im ready mom! Meg? (Picks his nose)Meg: Ewww, yea Im readywait, wheres Dad and Brian!(Louis, Chris, and Meg walk into the Kitchen.)Brian and Peter: "Hahahaha!"Peter: D-Do it again!Brian: Ok, here we go!(Brians eyes roll into his head then pop out on the floor.)Peter: Hahaha! Oh God! Hahaha! I cant breathe! Hahaha!(Brian puts his eyes back in then kicks Peter.)Peter: Ow! You son of a- hey, I can breatheDo it again!Louis: Its time to go boys, is all your stuff ready?Stewie: God Dammit! Where the hell is my binky! Dog, did you take it? I know you did!Louis: Aww, hes cranky.(Stewie attacks Brian.)Peter: Yep, were ready. (Eats a donut.)-Later in the Griffins van-Chris: Hey Dad, are we there yet?Peter: No.Chris: Now?Peter: Nooooooo.Chris:How about now?Peter: Yes, were here!Chris: Liarare we there yet?Meg: Shut the hell up! Im sick of this!Everyone: Chris: Are we there yet?Stewie: Tranq him!-Later at the camp fire-Louis: Peter, did you get the snacks I told you to get?Peter: Huh? (Eating the last bag of chips.)Louis: PETER! Where are all the snacks!Peter: Oh, uhChris: Were all gonna die!Louis: Dont worry sweetie, Meg, go find ...
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