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...y walks away.A dog, with the heart in its mouth like a chew toy, runs up to Nick. Dr. Nick grabs the heart, unaware that it is in fact the heart. "Nice doggy. Good doggy. Fetch!" He throws the heart. "What a cute dog." He holds out his hand. He sees the blood and realizes what he's done. They chase after the dog.The Simpsons are getting closer in Hitler's car. Homer is fussing around. "Hey, what's this?" He pulls out the cigarette lighter."Homie, be careful, that's a cigarette lighter." Marge says."They didn't have those back then, Marge." Homer burns his middle finger on the lighter. "Ow!! Ohhh..." He holds it out the side of the car. Unfortunately, there is a female biker next to him. He looks over and realizes he's flipping her off. "Oh! Sorry." He laughs nervously.Marge sticks hers out, trying to explain what happened. "My husband burnt his finger, see?""Marge! Not helping!!" He laughs nervously some more. "I really like your dike--Bike!! I mean bike, not--not that you're--are you?" The biker backs away and whistles. She calls for a massive mob of bikers to attack the old car. They start to do so. "Hey this is Hitler's car! You can't do this!" Lisa shouts, but the bikers continue to destroy the car. They smash the headlights. "No, not the headlights!!" They hit Homer in the back of the head. He hits the steering wheel. The lipstick that he wiped off on the wheel is now on his upper lip. When he sits back up, the lighter goes flying in his mouth, burning ...
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