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...nd..." Something in Dale suddenly snapped, his lust exploding like a ton of C4."Oh, it's been too long Chip! I gotta have that tasty thing!""But Dale, what if Gadget walks in?! She'll-OOOOHMIGOD!" Chip's inhibitionsmelted away in an instant as a familiar wetness suddenly engulfed his softmember. He let out a long, low moan. Dale was right. It _had_ been much toolong...Dale was in heaven. He mouthed his best friend's penis with gusto. He loved thetaste so much. He started nibbling playfully at it and felt it starting to geterect. As it grew in his mouth, Dale sucked harder and harder, taking it in asdeep as he could. When it was fully erect, Dale pulled it in all the way andfelt Chip's small bush tickling his nose and his penis head poking slightly downhis throat."Oh Dale! Yes! Yes! Suck me harder!" Chip held the sides of Dale's head in hispaws and roughly ran his fingers through the fur there. He could barely believethis was happening. It was so unexexpected. He remembered the first time they'ddone this. They were both kids, hanging out together at the creek in the forestone afternoon. They'd been skinnydipping and were lying on the bank, stillnaked. Dale had kissed him from out of the blue and Chip was surprised to findhimself kissing b One One thing led to another swiftly for two young boys whowere just starting to discover their own sexuality. The memory was so vivid,Chip could almost feel the summer sun on his chest as he lost ...
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