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...nd felt her body tense up, then he felt a rush of fluids cover his face and hand. Katara was beside herself, “Fuck! Fuck! I’m coming, I’m coming! Fuck yeah, Aang, uuuuunnnnh!” Aang lapped up the fluids from Katara’s pussy as her legs jerked spasmodically. He couldn’t remember being this happy in his life. “Fuck me.” The words took a second to register in Aang’s mind. He looked up and saw Katara, her eyes locked with his as she throatily whispered it again: “Fuck me.” Aang hesitated. Now that the moment had come he didn’t know what to do. “Now,” said Katara, “fuck me now. I need it, Aang. I need that cock in my pussy.” Aang moved up as if in a trance as Katara again spread her legs. Aang grabbed his raging hard shaft and directed it towards Katara’s beautiful cunt. As the tip met her pussy, Aang hesitated again. “Do it,” Katara begged, “please fuck me.” Aang didn’t wait again; with one mighty push he buried his seven inches up to the hilt in her. Katara almost screamed in surprise and elation. “FUCK! Fuck, yeah. Oh, yes.” Aang began to fuck her slowly, bringing his hips up and then down in fluid motions. “Uuuunnh, yeah, uuuuunh,” moaned Katara. Her pussy was tight, but like before Aang knew instinctively that she wasn’t a virgin. As he fucked her he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her warm, tight box clutching at his hard cock. “Uuunnh, harder Aang, harder,” Katara whispered. Aang...
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